Death to Stock (DTS) stands at the forefront of cultural exploration, committed to understanding the ebbs and flows of the zeitgeist. Our mission is to identify  gaps within contemporary culture — those areas where disconnection offers fertile ground for innovation and creativity. We see these gaps not as voids but as canvases, waiting for visionary minds to paint them with new trends and ideas.

Our team is a mosaic of hyper-focused individuals, united by a shared conviction that we can indeed make the internet—and by extension, the world—a more visually beautiful, interconnected place.

DTS is proudly owned by People of Color. The main team is currently Shaun Singh the founder and CEO,  who is based in Auckland (NZ), Jessica David our Creative Director in Berlin (DE), and Agus Panzoni our Head of Trends,  in New York (US). Along with an array of creatives in London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Paris.

If you would like to join our team please get in contact here✌🏾

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